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Grand Prix 1979 for Rfactor 2.01

GP 1979 is the mod for sim racers from a time when men were men
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To Formula 1 fans, 1979 is a year that brings back a lot of memories. It was a golden time in racing where drivers took amazing risks for victory. It was the year of Jody Scheckter's championship, and the year of a mythical battle between Villenueve and Arnoux. Many hardcore F1 fans believe this is what pure, F1 racing should be about.
Thats where Grand Prix Classics comes into picture, they created a mod where fans can feel the atmosphere and speeds of 1979, from the comfort of our gaming chair. Grand Prix 1979 is one of those mods where everything is made to such a great detail that you get immerse in the atmosphere of it. You have a wide variety of cars, from factory cars to privateer teams. The tracks are made with great detail making you feel that you are in 1979, even making you feel the danger.
This mod has been acclaimed by the rFactor community as one of the best open wheeler mods you can find. The only downside of the mod is that the installation is a bit tricky especially if you already had a previous version installed. If you want to know how hard was to drive an F1 in 1979, get this mod, you will be sucked back in time with its detail and realism.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Great physics, graphics and gameplay


  • Older version setup/files won't work
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